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Kvinna på vift i Egypten

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Eslam released from jail

politikPosted by Christina 07 Feb, 2011 17:08
My friend Eslam was one of many who were arrested on the first day of the demonstrations, what is now reffered to as the famous January 25.
Eslam was released just some days ago.

He tells a story of being badly treated by the police in jail. He and the other arrested protesters weren't given any food. The police didn't let them sleep and kept having him endure interrogations all the time.
This is the usual story that comes from the inside of the Egyptian detention cells. This itself is one of the reasons these protests started in the first place.
Something that people have been angry about for years, but not until now has a whole movement demanded responsability for these human rights violations.

"While I was in custody I remembered our talk when you were in Cairo, when you asked me: Are you optimistic about the future of Egypt ?
I said: No I'm not, however we must give it a chance - to save ourselves, at least...
Tell everyone never to lose faith, sometimes faith itself comes running to you :)))

Fortunately Eslam was released and was able to join his fellows in Tahrir again.

"Most of us are fine and happy for the history we are writing in these moments."

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