Kvinna på vift i Egypten

Kvinna på vift i Egypten

Livet och upproret i Kairo

...on the life and hustle on the Cairo streets.

I want the world to see what I see

politikPosted by Christina 07 Feb, 2011 12:51
These days I feel very proud to have so many friends who've defied fear and curfews to stay in Tahrir and continue the fight.
One of them is Hala, a young woman who has been to Tahrir almost every day of the demonstrations. She even spent some of the nights there.

"It's funny that I decided to stay home yesterday to rest and stuff, but I just couldn't..
I couldn't just stay home and watch - not making a part of it.

Hala describes how the people on the square acctually continually is renewed. That it is not just a small group, but that many people have participated once or twice or have just dared to go there now.

"I want the world to see what I see!"

"The atmosphere there couldn't be any more beautiful and warm, people are still there, and everyone brings new friends or neighbors to see the truth, personally I took two of my friends there last time, it was their first day to participate, and they were amazed of what they saw, they even wanna go back again."

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